Sunday, January 10, 2010

Western And Southern Life Scam Is Western & Southern Life Insurance A Scam?

Is western & southern life insurance a scam? - western and southern life scam

Following the previous response of W & S co-insurance and voted ... they are not a scam.

Can someone fraudulently using your name, but that's not the fault of the company.

Need a little more detail for an accurate


firenice... said...

Western & Southern, an insurance company is rated very high. They are typically Fortune 500 and among the best insurance companies 10 to 15 in the nation. (there are about 2,600 insurance companies operating in the U.S.).

Note that you can achieve, regardless of the size of a company are as good as its presentation. Make sure that the agent is in discussions with qualified and is authorized to sell the products they offer. Your state must have a website to verify their credentials.

Check out their website.

sarah314 said...

My employer treats patients from Western & Southern Life, and have never had a problem with the settlement of claims.

I do not know what is the specific target, but in my experience working for a provider of health care is not a scam.

rtfm said...

It is a real insurance and southwest, if you ask.

Why do you think is a scam?

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