Monday, January 4, 2010

Samantha Anderson 38g Stream Guys What Is Considered "Big Boobs"?

Guys what is considered "Big Boobs"? - samantha anderson 38g stream

I'm 5'0 "115 lbs and 36D ... It looks good on me ... but in all reality is not so great.

I see porn stars as Samantha Anderson, Brandy Taylor with ****. big saggy but what (as "tits" and men really find this type of natural disaster-D / G / F as attractive as chicken fat, what they tend to be) and if the SAG?

For me, I can not believe that there is nothing sexy about it.

How large is "large" or what is so important in the human body?


KO said...

i dont think its good sexy, but not only worried with what God made you happy

Edward Bongshanks said...

"But in reality everything is not so great."

Uh, yes, yes. I think that something more than a large C. I do not need a series of basketball to fulfill. This is too big. CD is in my opinion, awesome. Everything is too.

FInny Macgee said...

We need to see us pictures before we can give an informed opinion.

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