Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pinky The Prons Stars Videos What Is The Best Thing To Do For A Jammed Pinky Finger?

What is the best thing to do for a jammed pinky finger? - pinky the prons stars videos

My son has his little finger down and let him have some pain. We gave him some ice and Advil, and it helped. But he has four baseball games this week, and I want to play. Do you think that this injury will hurt the game? It is a great player, one of the best in his team, and is concerned, he can not play up to his potential this week. You have good ideas to accelerate the healing process?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Vagabond said...

"Rice is a very powerful therapy. I have to heal several times with great success on the amount of time to be minimized.

R = (rest, use your fingers)

I = ice (ice cold for 20 to 30 m (depending on tolerance) every 2-4 hours)

C = Compression (wrapping the finger in a sock or a pressure bandage, but make sure that does not put too much and cut off circulation. You can check this by clicking on the nail bed and pushed the blood, then let go and see how long it takes back. If capillary refill is 2 or 3 seconds good, but if it is longer or the finger starts dark press, the association.

E = Height (hold) your finger on the heart level to reduce blood flow to the site

The aim is to reduce inflammation. Individual performance will vary, but it often worked for me. Remember that the capillary blood flow under compression.

Ibuprofen is also effective in reducing inflammation, but be sure to follow label instructions and to work him time. One or two doses ISN9, t is usually good enough, it often takes several days.

Josh M said...

Maybe wrap it and see if you are not in this way in practice. I know from my time as I hit the ball that could close a lot of finger injuries that quickly to my mechanic to get to work with him.

Good luck to both eh?

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