Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Modern Bunk Beds My Boys Were Given Bunk Beds That Have A Cowboy Motif That I Do Not Really Like. I Want To Paint Them

My boys were given bunk beds that have a cowboy motif that I do not really like. I want to paint them - modern bunk beds

The beds are equipped with tables in them, as the table, the toll, the horse, plate tree, barbed wire. This is not my style, but the style and the beds they were free. I like to paint or stain, but I do not know whether I am first and when I paint or sand down. I want green or orange in color. We are a bit more modern and the cowboy theme does not suit our style of design. Advice and Answers


Ms. Manjenfrinjenson said...

Sand first. You need the transparent protective layer, which I'm sure it's sand. Make sure the sand from the details that are there now, because if you do not always able to see how / schema with the new color. Then you will be prime painted.

I'm sure it will look. Enjoy!

dk said...

In fact, you need to determine is the nature of the area, in bed. Is it solid wood? If so, re-sanding and repainting. If there is a document of the coating) (ie, both for wood, have to solve it. Ordinarily, this in a cardboard or paperboard, whereby the stain very well, but a little difficult to paint. Is this a form of plastic or fiberglass, you can buy a special color that precisely in this, but you can use Kilz first, or something similar, so that it sticks well.
If you like the modern, is a simple way to add personality to a certain color or stain to dry the entire piece, and then leave with painter tape to shapes and lines outline so that you can paint with another color on top.

Krammar said...

Can you paint. First, lightly sand the manual bed.Apply well and can make a good enamel paint to use for a coating

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