Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best Bathroom Flooring Unique Situation....What Is The Best Way To Install Cement Backerboard On My Bathroom Floor?

Unique situation....What is the best way to install cement backerboard on my bathroom floor? - best bathroom flooring

I removed tiles from the walls of my bathroom, and old vinyl flooring. Below the belt was cement backer board, which is good. But can be used on the outer circumference of the wall tiles, is 1 cm below shows where the floor board. How can I fill this gap? Is it necessary to break the base plate of the old cement and again? Can I cut small strips backerboard is back on crack? Is there a link that can fill the gap? Any help out there?


jeni said...

Fill with thin set. It is applied no pressure on the wall. Fill with thin-set and wait 24 hours dry before installing the tiles. So make sure to leave one end and at the same level with the rest of the Baker-wood floor.

unoforna... said...

If you can extract a sponsor board and if you are not some of the thinset you (if will be used) in the fields below set. Mix a little drier than what you need (not too dry) and dry, fill the area and leave for a day. Then come back and remove tiles. The only reason why I did not say go buy another product if the edges of the wall and is only an inch of time and money to be beautiful.

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