Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cervical Mucus Period Is It Normal To Have Lots Of Cervical Mucus A Week Before Your Period Is Due?

Is it normal to have lots of cervical mucus a week before your period is due? - cervical mucus period

My last period 28th September. On 12 October and 16 My husband and I had sex. But my husband had a vasectomy in February this year. For about five days I've had a bunch of white lotion like cervical mucus. Rare cervical mucus after ovulation and before a period comes. My cycles are 28-30 days. Im waiting for my next period by 28 October. Have you, ladies experienced this before? Thank you for your contribution!

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sweetgur... said...

This is not serious or anything, but it happens every month before my time. For me it's like a warning for me.

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