Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Car Cleaning Products Cleaning Products For Keeping My Car Windows Clean?

Cleaning products for keeping my car windows clean? - best car cleaning products

Seeking cleaner to clean the windows of the car. A product that is not much vein. Which should I use to clean, reducing the stripes?


clubhead... said...

First, use the "clean" in a plastic bottle. Get set a microfiber quality and with "Windex Auto", which is free of ammonia, so if you are tinted windows, have individual damage and leaves a clear finish .......... usually with two towels, one for the cleaning of dirt and cleaning, fingerprints on the glass and beige stripes others far behind. Done it for years and still have clear glass windows in my car.

rainmake... said...

The water and vinegar mixture 5:1 at home. Commercial window cleaners had from any car glass cleaner ammonia

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