Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pet1030 How To Make Multi-region Battery Replacement For Philips Portable DVD Player PET1030/37?

Battery replacement for philips portable DVD player PET1030/37? - pet1030 how to make multi-region

His model, if my little portable DVD player Philips PET1030/37 stopped loading when I lock into the wall or the car. So I thought the problem was really the charger, so I went and bought for this model and not invite the reader forever. So now I know that the problem is the internal battery. need to be recharged so many times that used more for free. so now I'm wondering how I get my drive to replace the battery. and if your answer to this problem that it can be replaced, please do not answer, because all products of this and say its true, I replaced most of my electronic drums. So if someone can tell me how to please me, or directly to a website which tells me how this would be a great help! Thank you:)


Sam said...

try going 2 Radio Shack and see if you can create a new, or 1 or call the company and yell at each other likt u is how products and U could get a new 1 free of

jer said...

BATTERY also died! They should sue the company, but not haha sorry i dont know in looking. goodluck

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