Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live Yoghurt Thrush Vaginal Thrush Treatment?

Vaginal thrush treatment? - live yoghurt thrush

I have a bit of live yoghurt, but the 5 days before the date. I will not eat "fair use" can it "be used?


Carmen M said...

Canesten tablet and sadness for 7 days.

sam said...

Yes, the fine use of there! They have the intention to eat, because it helps to redress the balance. If you have cancer Canesten Internal their best to eggs, which are available without prescription to use in the pharmacy. You can get a pill called Diflucan his dr. Once taken out of his great works, but through the mouth. Plain yogurt while you just make sure you are not using other scented products for cleaning, because it can worsen the situation, try to only warm water also use cotton pants for air movement. Take care:)

gymchick said...

How do I use the yogurt out there? I really want to know! I think it would be nice!

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