Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink Rhinestone Computer Mouse Drivers For A Computer Mouse From Claires?

Drivers for a computer mouse from Claires? - pink rhinestone computer mouse

I bought a computer mouse pink rhinestone-Claire, but I need to get the drivers. Unfortunately, no signs or anything to tell me what kind of mouse, so I have no idea what kind of drivers for .. Help!


gurpreet s said...

If u have Windows XP
u dont need anything
Just plug in and turn on the computer

cuite said...

Take It Back, and returns the money he has just bought a mouse, do not require the driver for a CD if you like the mouse to go to the website of the manufacturer of mice and can take a hold of the website but not my ID back and say what I can crap my money F__k no driver CD F__k this end, I buy a better mouse

Computer Guy said...

Well, firstly it is a USB or serial mouse, is the second that of a wheel or an optical mouse? Claire's is a business that I think I must know the brand of the mouse. Are you saying theres no letters, no numbers at all? Just look at everything in mice is not a manual that accompanies it?

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