Friday, February 26, 2010

Watch Mysore Mallige Full Video Online IPL Or ICL Or ODIs Or Test Cricket Or T20-Which Do You Like Most And Why?

IPL or ICL or ODIs or Test Cricket or T20-Which do you like most and why? - watch mysore mallige full video online

Welli saw the ODI and test cricket since birth or since I like cricket.May Listened to 1 will decade.I I love.

T20, IPL, ICL new type of formats that are fun and exciting.

But I can not change how amwatching ODI cricket since 1 Decade, I like so I can not change and loving T20 or ODI IPL.IM "in the search for a long time, and I find fun, like all things new.

Cricket is oldest.And old and I like it.But entertainment is a lack less.But to see.

T20, IPL, ICL Leauge new that is fun and exciting, and more about the money, however.

Total Top 5
2] T20
3] Test
4] IPL
5] ICL

I'm watching IPL since no Bangalore, Mysore [Karnataka]. No team is in Bangalore, then I support.But IPL.And. I'm talking about entertainment.

Well, your answers PLEAASE!

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