Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photos Of Impacted Bowels I Need Help With Blending Photos On Banners?

I need help with blending photos on banners? - photos of impacted bowels

I started this some signs and are very good, I do not know how to merge images. Photo Effects I am 10, so if anyone knows what would have tool that's great.

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soulshag... said...

I have not used PhotoImpact 10, but in essence to do so:

1) Create an image with a white background.
2) Create two layers with banners they want to mix. Place these on the field.
3) Adjust the transparency / fusion layer above that percentage you can achieve the desired result.

You can do this in Adobe Photoshop (very expensive), Essentials of Adobe (much cheaper), Jasc Paint Shop Pro (typical) price of software, or use the open source equivalent of Photoshop: The Gimp (completely free of charge and very to recommend: http://

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