Monday, February 15, 2010

Henckels International Knives What Material Is Better Quality For A Knife Set: Forged High Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel?

What material is better quality for a knife set: forged high carbon steel or stainless steel? - henckels international knives

I compare a game Anolon JA Henckels International. The materials are used in the dishwasher? " What is more resistant to rust and duration?


WΘMBAT is Sparky said...

None of the manufacturers exactly how much steel they use for their knives, so I can not say anything about their quality and performance. Good quality knives should always wash your hands. When washing your hands and keep your knives in a knife block, rust was not a big problem.

How long a blade lasts depends on many factors, but especially in the frequency of their use or abuse. A kitchen knife every day may need to be sharpened every year or so.

I recommend that the knives sharpened by a professional. There are many grind "at home" gadgets out there, most of them make it easy to permanently mangle their van and they would be raised to the practitioners of all forms. Sharpen hand requires one or moref dexterity, precision and experience.

I prefer knives ceramic on steel. They are about twice as expensive, but they stay crisp for a year.

mr.obvio... said...

Stays sharper carbon and stainless steel is easy to clean, wash the knife, but never in hot water, the Board of heat rolled wafer thin, that seems boring, and never put it in the container drawer, because it is dangerous and hard on the edges, so I stick me in a block of wood and the other between the stove and know disadvantages, so where they at any time. But I think the best knife against a company called Cutco. I used knives for a living for more than 35 years, and the demo was reassured me that they are better deals may seem expensive, but you do the math on his life is a steal everything you have to do something is touch and go through Nice and easy, I cut resistant glove just a bitsure. Chicago Cutlery knife has also Nice. You have to find a knife in his hand feels good, is a good balance, and for the right job something personal, not great. You pay good money, then get something nice, you appreciate and care for them better. and try to keep one for himself, not for the exchange. Cutco knives hold more strongly for the rest of your life, go with them, if possible

Charles C said...

I prefer high carbon. But since you asked dishwasher think it would be better with the stainless steel. Neither should you, for example in the dishwasher. Hitting around the edge and blasting, and with high carbon content would be a lot of rust. I have both. We had a set of Chicago Cutlery Steel for 28 years. and, at best. (Wedding), several knives in carbon steel. I like how they have an advantage that is easily solved with a steel band and are easier to sharpen, if necessary. You must be clean and dry to prevent rust. I oil after each use and they are good. One of them, at least 25 years.

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