Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fountian Pop Cost I Want To Start A Business Selling Soda Pop And Hot Dogs From A Trailer Or Van. Any Tips Or Ideas?

I want to start a business selling soda pop and hot dogs from a trailer or van. Any tips or ideas? - fountian pop cost

I have a fountian vending machine and I would like to begin to make money from it.


Blue Polywog said...

Well, I'm a young girl whose 5'4 and 110 pounds of food, so not a lot of soft drinks and hot dogs, so if you are in an area where many people are trying to keep the seat, here are some ideas. . ......
1) Most of the seller that you have one billion regular soft drinks and maybe a Coke at the source. Try a little more choice and diet there are people in search of a diet orange soda, believe me! (remember to sell water)
2) the dog or dogs in Turkey, offers low-fat and advertising this fact. (or even a tofu dog?)

If you are in an area where the customers less interested in healthy lifestyle, I would like to see a vendor with a spicy sausage! Delicious and different!

Oh-oh, you got me hungry!

PS I love sauerkraut, just thrown out there.

Razoo said...

I have 3 years in business machines and a lot of work with very little benefit. It will take a lot of hot dogs and pop sales to pay for the hardware (typically thousands of dollars) needed money to buy his stock, then sit down, if not sell it. Or should I throw it, because it is outdated.

The best advice I have is to choose a different activity and to limit their losses, while still.

nick 822 said...

It seems that not right. I have a friend that starts in April and the sale is not before the end of October.
He must be an insurance of $ 1000000, before it received in the areas of sales, () most of fairs and events. This does not include $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 for the trailer. Then there is the cost of food and drinks to sell to. What about the income in these places? Most cost $ 1000 a weekend or longer. This is true even before you sell an item.
Besides being new, you have the worst place for the case when you buy a trailer and title, but the money is great too.
Oh, I forgot. The hour I'm at some fairs and others. What were the hours there? You must be available all the time, when you can get some relief, then pay. Even a wife or girlfriend or best friend is going to cost something. At least a free snack.
I'm not trying to discourage you, but much work, time and effort, even before a penny. Better make a lot of research about them. It is in.ssible a lot of money to do my friend is making $ 7,000 to $ 15,000 per day, but it has been in business for many years. Also goodbye to your life for a while. Good Luck

TexasRos... said...

I want to ensure that obtaining a VAT registration number ..... You must legal in your country ... and also a health department. Certificate.

Robert B said...

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Prince charming said...

In addition to the person who said they should review their papers before the Council or local authorities to clean up is an important thing to note, location, location, location.
This is after all essential for its sales / volume, you can also specify which points 2-3, where day / weekily.
Prince Charming

Good Deeds said...

To be unique in their offerings. To do something that catches people's attention and appetite.

Good Deeds said...

To be unique in their offerings. To do something that catches people's attention and appetite.

T-Dogg said...

Well, you should first start in a park, but if you really want in a truck or trailer and then tell people about your stand.

Clayton Bronson said...

You would have a warm place, where many people. Many of them buy some time and get bored with you. Not sure, there are (other is much competition). Now open your stand. Note that you need to buy drinks to be sold more than what you buy! Subject For further information, booth E-mail and write cl810188@yahoo.com: drinking.

CookFrNW said...

I would try to propose just Hot Dogs. Like a sausage or something special. Perhaps ..... Bio --

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