Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedgies Girl How To Stop A Girl Bully At School To Stop Giving Me Wedgies?

How to stop a girl bully at school to stop giving me wedgies? - wedgies girl

ok I am 12 years 7 Class. I always get a wedgie humongus a group of girls who are 3 times in my size. I have our school to the jungle gym with a small hook. I always take it after school and gives me a wedgie. dont my parents get home to 9 clock. We leave the school at 2:00. What should I do?


Kuan-Yin said...

OK, Listin. Someday you will do with your friends. In fact, if we could achieve this with about 10-12 people, great. People wait on a tag near the playground and completely * out of sight. In reality, this plan is good, what day, what time, etc. .. Perhaps running in the hole. Make sure everyone knows what they are doing and not a coward. Must remain out of sight, until the girl a wedgie given. Once done, the cry of a word signal. At this stage, his 12 friends that you run and the 3 girls. It starts with a beat from them. Give them some moves. After the placement, and they call on the floor. Say you: "Do you ever do this to me again?" It does not say. So I say: "What do you tell your parents and teachers?" They should invent an excuse. If you still for a second, you know what to hesitate.

Unfortunately, being developed with social problems this time by people in their age group. A concept that the teacher is not onlyIs the motivation of a tyrant. This is the only solution! Let urging anyone. Especially bat. I hope he has enough friends for that. Be courageous and GOOD LUCK! (Should be good ... you have no chance)

Space Invader101 said...

Tell all adults as possible. Her parents, learn to write a complaint to the school. The first one or more teachers. Make a court that these girls really boring.

Screw worrying about being the informant. You are not your friends.

If you understand only the scar for life.

alyssabu... said...

You will receive a teacher's confidence in correctly at the right time to capture the students. Thus, in trouble and you do not seem to be a spy.

Shadowcl... said...

Do not wear underwear.

And then to defend a group of friends to help you, it can not be identified.

FlapperG... said...

and tell someone to help in trying to reach, call
Only please do not try to fight them all and write a list of results

Death By Stereo said...

A teacher or trusted adult.

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