Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blu Ray Or Upconverting Dvd I Am Hoping Someone Can Help Me With Information About DVD Upconverting To HDTV (Blu Ray Quality). ?

I am hoping someone can help me with information about DVD upconverting to HDTV (Blu Ray quality). ? - blu ray or upconverting dvd

I bought an upscaling DVD player (Phillips), and put my new TV and do not seem so great. I thought it would be better.
1. If you use this upconversion DVD player DVD upconversion is old? I tried to play The Bourne Identity, TV JVC 1080 and was okay, but not much.

2. Am I obligated to make adjustments for upconversion (for the player or TV)?

3. Should I wait, it will look better with the new DVD? Do I have to in the last 3 years?


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