Friday, December 4, 2009

Robot Stories: True Tales Of Retail Hell. Can You Really Make $700/Day Trading Forex "Hands-Free" With This Robot? I Need Some Genuine Answers Pls!?

Can You Really Make $700/Day Trading Forex "Hands-Free" With This Robot? I Need Some Genuine Answers Pls!? - robot stories: true tales of retail hell.

Hello everyone,

I urgently need your help.

I just want to know that there is no such thing as a robot Forex?

I have a web site or simply share a successful story of a man who earns $ 180, $ 350 or even 1000 € per day Forex Trading with a robot for hands-free 24 hours every day ..

I am tempted to invest in one after reading a true story .... but otherwise ... I am for the purchase of a fear of fraud.

Since this is a section on financing and investment ....

I hope someone can help me solve this dilemma.

I am an absolute beginner to Forex trading and have no previous knowledge.

So it would be nice if someone gives me it to this point lead.

So ... Has anyone tried this robot called "PAF Turbo" before?

It must be seriously examined pls ....

This is the place I read about the success of not only Forex:

=> Http: / /

I hope I can someone who has actually tried to find this robot seems that VERy amazing to me after reading the story.

Help me pls .... to confirm that it is much appreciated!


Rabbit said...

This area is for the promotion of the values even e-mail (I love the line: "We've got a runner!") But if much more sophisticated than anyone, the Council sends "email" from time to weather.

Follow me now. Suppose you buy a stock, the forgotten or ignored, and in the meantime create a mailing list. Buy, buy a bulk of this population so that the price increase. So I sent a large bouquet of e-mails, "Output XYZ" It will fly! "Then have my work boat in selling small orders to meet demand generated only people who receive my ticket, and you will see the growing population. Buy cheap, sell when a lot of buying to see how easy it is collected?

That was the concept. Now suppose that a program that I can engineer looking for certain characteristics that an increase from May to give up anything, but the options and foreign exchange (FOREX) Futures contains very profitable for a little money at stake, so that The design around the markets. Then you know the program I had the flags and any factorSigning of the purchase and sale of the signal to the buyer of the program. I will get the actual program, and sell the release time program for subscribers. Subscribers pay for myself whether it works or now, so that the program itself into a profit center. Can I use my own program to buy and sell signals from dozens, hundreds or thousands of participants, I can buy it before you buy and sell prior to selling them. Leading the Flock, subscribers generate enough traffic to support my purchase (especially if I can influence and upward for the purchase of a group in front of the crowd, which confirms that the program) and then when the program gives me the UN delayed signal to sell, sell (which relates to the low price), generated just before my program delay a sell order for subscribers. You see all the prices start to fall and when to sell the program to. You now have two points of confirmation, "Robots" took a ticket and took an exit. His problem then is: "How do I get the message and doing business to react quickly enough to the front of Tothers leave out (because their programs have said the same). So you can see everyone, its programs or e-mails or how the subscription service engineer breath waiting for the signal for us to accelerate the realization of the appeal in time so as not to lose if fall off.

Be careful when using the program. If the volume is low, then the points just before his robot, "" gives a signal, who knows how a service sponsor knew in advance of the signal received soon after. The more participants, more waves.

Jay Kern said...

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